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Subject Description
PHP/MySQL/Apache 1.3 Install Cheatsheet An installation Cheatsheet to guide compilation/installation of these products.
PHP/MySQL/Apache 2.x Install Cheatsheet An installation Cheatsheet to guide compilation/installation of these products.
Useful Apache Commands Cheatsheet A Cheatsheet containing useful Apache Commands.
Useful OpenSSL Commands Cheatsheet A Cheatsheet containing useful OpenSSL Commands.
Useful OpenSSH Key Cheatsheet A Cheatsheet containing useful OpenSSH-related uses of OpenSSL keys.
Shell Comparison Cheatsheet A comparative Cheatsheet for the various Un*xs.
TRS-80 Information A nice collection of information about Tandy's TRS-80 line. Centers on Model I/III/IV
Basic or Advanced Vi Cheatsheets A nice set of cheat sheets for those who use VI.
Non-Technical Documents
Subject Description
Bible A keyword searchable King James Version of the Bible
Night Lights A picture of the world at night.
Technical Documents
Subject Description
Apache Manual The famous Apache Web Server Manuals.
Counter Documentation Lagmonster has implemented a Counter Program. This is the documentation for it.
DOS 7 Help Web-based Help Files for DOS 7 (Windows 9x).
FreeBSD Handbook v3.2 The famous FreeBSD Handbook.
Frequency Allocation United States Frequency Allocation chart from the U.S. National Telecommunications and Information Administration
Man Pages Man Pages for many UN*X OS's. Search those MAN(ual) Pages for Many Unix Operating Systems.
Object Oriented Analysis Basic theory on Object Oriented Analaysis. Thanks to Joy Starks
Periodic Chart Periodic Table of the Elements. Includes details about each element.
Perl Documentation Man Pages for PERL and its associated features
Requests For Comment This is a text searchable collection of the Internet Requests for Comment.
Note: This has been linked to the original site since RFCs change so quickly.
SSL Documentation A very detailed document on Secured Socket Layer for the Apache Module.
Symbols List The ASCII codes for symbols used in Windows.
Subject Description
Picking Up Perl Picking Up Perl, Edition 0.11, A Freely Redistributable Perl Tutorial Book. Click here for the .pdf version.
Intro to Unix An Introduction to Unix from Ohio State University.
Systems Admin for Unix A Unix Systems Administration Guide from Ohio State University.
Regular Expressions Document These apply to Python, but they give a good guideline for regexs in general.
IBM Regular Expressions Document This tutorial was originally written by the folks at I.B.M.
Sendmail Rules Tutorial A tutorial provided by UUASC for Sendmail rules.
Subject Description
Connect Speeds A nice reference chart for connection speeds.
Document Object Model Specs Documentation from W3 for interfacing to XML and HTML.
HTML 4.0 Specification W3's HTML 4 Specifications. Very detailed information regarding HTML 4.
HTTP 1.0 and 1.1 Html format of HTTP Standard - RFC 1945 and 2616
Note: There is now a complete collection of Requests For Comment onsite.
XHTML Documentation XHTML\x99 1.0: The Extensible HyperText Markup Language Documentation

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