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A nice collection of Internet and other utilities.

Subject Description
Calendar Generator Generate monthly or yearly calendars from the year 1 to 9999. Does Julian Calendars, as well.
Color Checker A script to allow you to check different font colors to a given background for HTML
Color Picker A script to allow you to find the Hexidecimal number to the color in the colorwheel
Encryption Tool Encrypt/Decrypt Base-64, ROT-13, and URI content. Also encrypt DES.
Figlet Text Generator Use the Unix Figlet Character Generator to make neat text banners for your email or web pages!
Fortune Generator Fortune Generator. Has many different subkects.
Internet Connection See the transfer rate of your connection from this server!
Internet Lookup Internet lookup utilities.
Linear Equation Solver Solve linear equations.
OpenSSL Key Generator OpenSSL Key Generator. Generates RSA1, RSA2, and DSA key pairs.
MAC Address Lookup Look up the Manufacture of a Network Device by MAC address. Also Search for all MAC addresses vendors are assigned to use.
Morse Code Try this Java Morse code translator
Net Spy A script to show you how much information gets passed to a web server.
Random Number Generator A javascript pseudo random number generator.
ROT13 Converter Convert Text-ROT13.
ROT13 Converter (Java-based) Convert Text-ROT13, using a Java-based converter.
Show System Information (Java-based) Show some information such as screen resolution, referrer, etc.

Flash-based Speedtest for testing your network connectivity.

SSL-Based Variable Displayer

Display SSL-Based Variable associated to your connection.

SSL Key Generator (OpenSSL)

Generate OpenSSL-compatible SSL key pairs. 

Unix Time Converter

Convert between Unix time to normal time.
Who Are You

Display some Server-side values to you.

World Clock

A Statistical World Clock by

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